Grant’s Signature 40%

This is often on offer and I actually picked a bottle of this last year and I’ve had my notes kicking their heels for a while now so here goes.

Okay for a starters I picked this up for sixteen pounds a bottle, it’s bottled at 40% and is from William Grant and Sons, it’s worth picking up if you see it on offer for sure, I took mine with a drop of water and works okay and works well with my favourite Ginger Ale and I had a fair few with cola and Irn Bru.
Nose. Fruity, easy going with some orange peel happening. it’s young whisky for sure but you’d expect that so that spirit note is there too. 
Palate. Not a huge amount happening, think of this as a beginners whisky, sweetness, caramel, porridge covered in sugar, vanilla and some light spicy notes, the grain is used well to balance the drink rather than hammer out flaws in the single malts.
Finish. Pretty quick and too the point, burnt sugar this time, brown sugar, vanilla and oak.
So aye, it’s a balanced and easy drinking Scotch, not truly exciting but you can get this for around fifteen pounds so let’s be fair and remember most people don’t have a massive collection and this would well alongside a smaller collection as a sipping or mixing dram.
One final little note, the official tasting notes describe the whisky as smooth and robust, surely that’s a contradiction?
The Captain.

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