Count them with me, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, yes SIX, Six Isles whisky review.

Ian Macleod does a couple of whiskies, the most well known is the Isle of Skye blend which I keep meaning to pick up because it’s an 8 year old whisky for under twenty pounds and this, the Six Isles Blended whisky from all the Isles, well not all the Scottish Isles, that wouldn’t be practical, but some of them, you know, the ones that make whisky and that.

I love big bold peaty blends, I love Big Peat, I love Cask Islay (another one I really need to sort out reviewing as it’s superb) Rock Oyster and now this, it’s just divine and so well priced too at around the thirty pounds mark.
This is bottled at 43% and I took it with a drop of water.
Nose. Salty brine and Peat smoke, a real barbecue on the beach, possibly in the rain whilst camping affair. I’d say it was quite young which brings out some toffee and burnt sugar, it’s malty too, porridge that’s been set on fire comes to mind, and yes I have done that so fuck you.
Palate. Lovely salt and smoke and rubber and honey and warm feeling of a young Talisker. You ever dropped a burger on the coals of a barbecue and then dusted it off and eaten it? Well you should and then you’d understand what I was going on about. Lovely meat flavours, pulled pork or smoked beef.
Finish. Sits with you for ever, the only down side to these whiskies is that you can’t really drink anything else other than Absinthe or Raki because everything just tastes of burnt stuff and salt.
Lovely stuff and thanks to Sam for the sample, it finally got that awful bloody rum taste to go away.
The Captain.

1 Comment

  1. I'm pleased you like it.
    fwiw I really like the rum, but I should have known better than to send a Scotsman something with fruit in it 😛


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