Forty Creek, Confederation Oak.

The name, for me anyway conjures up images of the Wild West and outlaws, motorbike gangs and country music so it came as some surprise when I discovered that this was indeed another Canadian Whisky. (It wasn’t really a surprise but had my sample not been part of a Canadian whisky sample pack from my Canadian Whisky Expert then it would have been a surprise, so my point stands.)

Yeah well anyway, it’s Canadian and it’s bottled at 40% as is around seventy bucks as I believe my North American cousins would say, maybe.

As a wee note I tasted this both neat and with a drop of water and it works better neat although I suspect it would take ice well too.

Nose. Almonds and orange blossom honey, orange pith and oak, vanilla and has a real bourbon feel to it. After the glass had been sitting for twenty minutes or so more spice, Chinese All spice and a wee bit of cloves.

Palate. Oak at first along with vanilla, a little white peppercorn heat and a touch of smoke too. It’s a big full creamy mouthful too with a lovely butter note as you swallow.

Finish. Cream and buttered toast, a little smoke and a longer finish that I perhaps expected.

Another Canadian whisky tried and another Canadian whisky I’ll struggle to get hold of over here but well worth rooting around for.

Ta Jo.

The Captain.

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