A Saskatchewan old affair.

I wonder how many times it will take before I can write Saskatchewan without having to look up the spelling and how many times I look at Saskatchewan without smiling and saying it in Mutley’s voice or thinking about Big foot?

So far it’s been loads.

Another totally unique discovery thanks to my Canadian agent with this one, the distillery is actually the Last Mountain Distillery in Lumsden, Saskatchewan (I bet you said that in Mutley’s voice didn’t you?) and please have a read over what they are doing, it’s a decent website too which is always nice to see, I’m also keen to try their pickle vodka, I mean, what’s not to like about that? 
This is the Rye Whisky bottled at 40% so that’s nice, I couldn’t find this for sale anywhere but I’m informed it costs around XXXXX. I felt this needed a drop of water and it’s what I’ve taken my notes from.
Nose. A young fresh whisky, spirity but not harsh. A little bit of pipe tobacco, sawdust, fruit scented shower gel too (yeah I know but it does) barely sweets. I brought my wife to the table for this, she said it has a rum note too it, smells a lot less like a whisky than my normal stuff. 
Palate. Grain whisky and a slightly burnt spice feel, sweetness too, sugar melted in butter, more burnt sugar, candyfloss, a touch of chocolate powder to, something bitter lingers when everything disappears.
Finish, That bitter note lingers for a while, the undoubtedly young spirit only makes an appearance here.
This would take ice no bother at all and would work in a whisky cocktail.
I enjoyed this yes, and for the money this is well worth it, the only problem is getting hold of it.
The Captain. 

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