Compass Box, The Circus. Top Hat and whip at the ready.

Compass Box have released a whisky which even they don’t know fully understand.

They have managed to get hold of long term marrying casks where whisky is blended and then put into barrels to further mature but the mystery here is what’s in those bottles, it could be anything, they’ve also added long term marrying grain casks as well as Benrinnes to complete the blend.
This is very interesting to me, I love the idea of getting hold of old barrels full of something or other and playing about with them, tasting and blending further to create a new whisky which can bare the Compass Box name, I’m well aware of how much of a fan boy I sound here and yes I did receive a sample from Compass Box but Compass Box are superb, offering up superb, complex whiskies which both the newcomer and experienced whisky drinker can enjoy and learn from.
This is bottled at 49% and is un chill filtered, colour free and comes in at £190 pounds a bottle which is too much for my budget these days but I’m sure all two and a half thousand bottles will fly off the shelve before I get around to buying one.
Nose. It’s old stuff, left in a glass for twenty minutes it feels like it’s been left in a glass for a couple of hours, there is so much going on, Sherry and honey, sweet warm porridge covered with hazelnuts and brown sugar, marzipan makes an appearance too.
Palate. Brown sugar and raisins soaked in grain whisky and sherry. a little bit of heat comes into this, I’ve only added a drop of water here, and the mouth is full of brazil and hazelnuts once again, lots of malt and a wonderful amount of barely sugar sweets.
Finish. Relatively quick which surprised me, the whisky leaves a creamy feel in the mouth tasting of those hazelnuts and marzipan again.
Another job done for Compass Box, yes it’s expensive but there is some very old whisky going into this and well, it’s just wonderful.
I hate to say this but I might have used a drop of this in an old fashioned cocktail the other night and it might well have been utterly sublime.
The Captain.

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