What are Beavers doing making Whisky?

Aye so what are Beavers doing making whisky? What? Brewers? Ahhhhh right, I’ve just been looking at the label on the sample bottle all wrong, must be all the whisky, it’s not Beavers making whisky, too busy pissing about with dams I suppose, but Brewers, Two Brewers Yukon Release Number 2 and it’s bottled at 46%.

Another Canadian whisky and this time an absolute barnstormer of a whisky, you can read about the two chaps who make this fine drop here, if you want too, and you should, because it’s good to learn new things.
This Whisky is also made in a place called Whitehorse, which I find hugely appealing.
Nose. Peaches and a little smoke, nothing too brutal, white pepper and strawberries, there’s some oak and honey and a little hazelnut too.
Palate. Very pleasing, peaches again, peach compote and warm sugar laded porridge, reminds me of a Bellini cocktail. Lots of sherry and bourbon notes come out later too, 
Finish. Leaves more of that champagne cocktail feel in the mouth, it’s very pleasant, a little spirit note too to end with.
This is just wonderful, I only stopped drinking this when I ran out, I also can’t find out how much this costs, I assume it’s either sold out everywhere or is just really hard to track down. I sometimes think I’m slightly wasting my time reviewing whisky no one who’s not in a place can get but this is something very special and worth sharing.
The Captain.

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