Have we reached peak Whisky madness?

I’ve come home after a long day at work to two whisky things, the first is the whisky I’ll be tasting for a Twitter Tasting next week and the other is the news of the new Glenlivet release and I don’t think I’ve sat with my jaw on the floor more than reading the article explaining it.

From a company who gave us the Age Matters campaign it seems almost trolling to now give us a whisky where they literally give you no information at all but ask us to decipher the whisky, aye, okay then.

A black bottle, no age statement, no cask information, fuck all, just a bottle whisky costing £90 quid and a load of marketing nonsense and they ask us to spoon this up?

“Shrouded in Mystery” okay then, of course it is, not its fucking not, it’s Glenlivet so it’s come from Glenlivet so the only guess work will be what casks they’ve used, the rough age and how much money the PR company who thought this travesty up was paid.

I don’t really see, as I’m on a roll, what the difference between this and the last two NAS offers from Glenlivet seeing as they tell us next to fuck all too, oh aye, this is ninety quid.

Apparently Alan Winchester, the Master Distiller will be checking the hashtag that goes along with this nonsense so let’s all tell him exactly what we think about this utter smoke and mirrors gimmick in a whisky world already full of smoke and mirrors gimmicks.

There are two things about this which have annoyed me. The first is that Glenlivet have in the past and continue to produce some well balanced and affordable, honest, whisky.

The second is that they’ve missed a trick here, they could have released this in say a 10cl bottle first, say for a tenner, and then done all this Hercule Poirot horseshit, it would have been a laugh watching all of us having fun guessing the cask and age etc but they’ve not, they’ve charged people ninety quid which is a gamble too far, I mean would you buy anything without knowing what you were buying? For ninety quid? No, me neither.

The Captain.

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  1. Amen! Just seems to be further proof that the producers are continually looking for new ways to take advantage of their loyal customers all in the search for greater profits.


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