Stalk and Barrel Single Malt Whisky, and now for something a little bit different.

A single Malt produced from 100% Canadian Barley, comes in at around $70 and is very different.

This is, according to my agent in Cananda, pretty much the best whisky coming out of Canada so I approached this with a lot of care and attention, when I’m told that something is really good by someone I trust I’m always a lot more careful to make sure I pick up every little nuance and foible the whisky may have, not that I don’t always take care mind but for something special I take special care.
Coming from the Still Waters Distillery this is a non age statement whisky bottled at 46% and my sample comes from Cask 3 bottle 36, just in case you are interested, and look, you can actually see the barrel here, which is cool. 
My disclaimer here is that this is not a beginners whisky, there is an awful lot going here and can be hard work and might overwhelm the beginner, I took it both neat and with a drop of water and the water, for me, is essential to bring it up to its maximum potential.
This would be wasted in cocktails. 
Nose. Orange scented leather polish which has just been rubbed in to your favourite chair, a touch of licorice and freshly cut wet grass. There is a touch of young spirit here too, which there would be, but it’s strange because of the leathery smell I normally associate with far older whiskies, there is a whiff of apple here too, apple sweets though or apple juice rather than fresh apple. I took an absolute age over this, each glass (I drink from a Glencairn, Copita or sherry glass to keep things consistent and when I’m reviewing samples I pour half a pub measure and have two glasses per session, normally two sessions a week or so apart.) took me around half an hour to an hour to get through.
Palate. Really needs a drop of water, I found this at first to be young and spirity but with water and time it settles right down, initially reminds me of this the bourbon barrel really pushes the spirit, oak, licorice, nutmeg and chilli oil but without the heat, there is a touch of mescal to this too which I’m not an expert in but do drink from time to time. Tobacco lingers on the back of the tongue as does a sweet malt taste that relaxes the spirit. 
Finish. Stays a while, the young spirit is there if it’s neat but with water I enjoyed a touch of pipe tobacco and malt.
Would I buy this? Yes but it’s not an every day dram, it’s complex and it’s coming from a firm who are being honest and trying their best to give us exciting whisky that challenges the drinker to think about what they are drinking, which is always a good thing, yes, I’d buy this over Canadian Club.
The Captain. 

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