OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH CANADA, it’s time for a Gibson’s

What do you mean you’ve never heard of Gibson’s? Okay well I hadn’t either until the Whisky Lassie decided that my year experimenting with American whiskies should also include Canadian whiskies and was kind enough to send me loads of different samples.

Anyway, this the Gibson’s Finest 12 Year Old a blend of corn and rye whiskies and is bottled at 40% which is always a bit of shame and it prices at around $30 Canadian dollars which is about the same as half a dozen rusted coins and a necklace made from cats teeth. 
A wee note here, it didn’t take water well but I guess would work with an ice ball, and here’s a top Apocalypse tip, pour this and then walk away, it has a young spirit note happening that buggers off after ten minutes and doesn’t return, so be warned. 
Nose. The older corn whisky very much comes to life here, there’s a decent amount of oak, orange bitters, lime pickle, orange pith, sherried fruits and some orange honey.
Palate. Definite oak influence, more virgin oak and bourbon barrels giving it a honey and wooden feel on the palate,  treacle and All Spice, Sawdust lingers and not in a bad way, there is a touch of something smokey too.
Finish. The finish is superb, probably the highlight of the dram, lasts a while and reminds me of a cinnamon coated doughnut straight from one of those wee stands by the seaside, beside the sea.
I’m going to say this is pretty damn good, it’s cheap were available and I’ve decided to compare all the up coming Canadian whiskies with Canadian Club which is the only Canadian Whisky readily available in the UK and if it was a straight up toss up between the two I’d pick this every time.
I suspect this would also go very well in a cocktail where you’d normally find bourbon. 
The Captain.

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