Crown Royal North Harvest Rye. A whisky of the year review special, Trolz 4 life, in it for the lulz

I wonder if Jim Murray actually thinks Crown Royal Rye is the best whisky in the world and what his motivation is for choosing it?

Some people have accused him of earning from his controversial decisions year after year and like so much modern art many accuse him of being outrageous for the sake of it, to sell more books or perhaps, if I’m not being cynical, of opening debate on the whisky industry and what we’re all being asked to pay?
Perhaps he wanted to show how ludicrous the whisky market is these days, one word from him and people start demanding fifty or sixty pounds, even more, for a whisky that costs less than twenty in Canada, imagine suddenly being charged that for a bottle of Famous Grouse? Aye, thought so. 
Or perhaps he’s laughing at all the whisky snobs who immediately dismissed it because 1. Jim Murray said it or 2. It’s not Scottish or even 3. It’s for the masses therefore cannot be excellent.
If he’s trolling he’s a fucking genius because the outrage has been fierce and the attacks on the both the whisky and Murray have been, at times, down right ugly all the while Murray laughs all the way to the bank and I have to spend hours explaining to people whose only whisky knowledge is reading tiny articles on the world’s best whisky in tabloid newspapers but who then tell me what the world’s best whisky is “hey John, did you hear” etc that perhaps one person’s personal choice of world’s best whisky, for whatever reason that person chooses, is, at best, subjective and not Gospel, even if it does appear in a bible.
Crown Royal mass produce and when I’m thinking about how to approach reviewing a whisky I think it’s important that the price is factored in, I have, and will continue to, moan about great whiskies which are over priced and as it stands anyone in the UK will be paying way over what they should for Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye, a quick scan shows me that’s it’s almost impossible to buy but you can get it at auction for, if you include commission, fees and postage, about eighty pounds and if you paid that for this then you’d be fucking raging and possibly unhinged.
So when you read the follow review please keep in mind that I’m reviewing this from the perspective of someone who received it from a Canadian who paid the normal retail price, okay? Okay. 
Oh this is bottled at 45% so that’s a good start, it also really comes into its own if it’s left alone in the glass for twenty minutes and a touch of water doesn’t hurt either. 
Nose. Wood, cinnamon and creamy sweet porridge, it’s soft of the nose, relaxed and easy going, lots of waxy fruit, fruit sweets, apple and pear fox’s glacier sweets, that kind of thing.
Palate. toffee scraped from a wooden board, there’s a lot of wood happening and a lot of sweetness, vanilla is present as is salted butter and those wee foam sweeties you get, the ones shaped like prawns, get me? I’m now about a quarter of the way down the bottle and I also get red grapes and pears, very nice.
Finish. Longer than the haters would expect, lots of bourbon style wood notes with no burn and a taste of tobacco. 
I wonder if I’m now trolling the malt snobs by saying this is worth checking out? I mean it’s probably not the best whisky doing the rounds, it’s probably not the best whisky coming out of Canada, and I’ve got plenty of Canadian whisky to get through over the next couple of months to find out.
Try this, buy this if it’s sensibly priced and enjoy.
Thanks to the Whisky Lassie for making this happen.
Oh and it goes great with an ice ball and a touch of the Maple Syrup Lassie brought me too, oh to have friends in high places.
The Captain.

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