Balvenie 14 Year Old Caribbean Cask.

This is a proper whisky this, a really solid dram from Balvenie who make some fine whisky and also don’t price people out the market, this whisky is around forty pounds and is available in most Supermarkets.

Thanks muchly to the Amateur Drammer for slinging me a very generous sample.

Balvenie are a distillery who might not be on your radar, they are sold in some supermarkets but I don’t recall ever seeing them on offer and are perhaps that little bit more expensive than some and so might get overlooked but you’re getting a decent strength and an age statement, this bottle being 14 years.

Nose. Well it’s a Caribbean, well rum, cask so I was expecting lots of rummy goodness and I wasn’t disappointed. Plump rum soaked raisins and vanilla, candied fruits and caramel, doesn’t take water too well so I’d go for this neat but it’s personal choice, a little bit of mango, papaya and passion fruit, you could sit back and sniff this for hours.

Palate. Sweet and rich, vanilla and toffee apples covered in icing sugar, brown sugar, maple syrup and baked apples, malty and rich in the mouth.

Finish. Rich with a little heat, not too long but the sweetness comes out again along with a little oak.

By the way, this has, as with a lot of whisky these days, been finished in rum casks and not fully matured in them, I’d like to know how long they’ve been put in these and is this just a way for companies to take not so great spirit and tart it up a bit? Maybe, but this one has worked out well.

It’s also around forty quid a bottle which for a decent 14 year old whisky is a great price.

The Captain.

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