Highland Park Loki, Nice whisky, piss off with this packaging.

It seems another few trees are needlessly felled every time a new limited edition super cool, collectible whisky gets released and it’s no exception here.

Thanks to fellow whisky botherer Stuart a nice wee sample of this landed on my skull and leather desk here at Apocalypse Manor and as I’ve recently waxed nonsense on the new Ice release I thought I’d crack this open and give it a whirl.
I feel I’m becoming boring by moaning on about waste in the industry but what’s the point in bigging up your carbon footprint and how in tune with Greenpeace you are and then produce over the top and totally needless packaging? 
It’s rare for me to drink what I define as collectors whisky because I don’t collect whisky for the sake of collecting and I don’t bother getting in the queue to buy these whiskies in advance and I certainly don’t spend three times what they originally cost so this is a bit of a novelty for me.
It’s bottled at 48.7% and has a 15 Year Old Age Statement which is something at least.
Nose. I took ages with this, it’s complex but if you’ve ever sat beside a coal fire smoking a pipe in an Gentleman’s club full of old books, old geezers and old leather armchairs then you’ll know what I’m talking about and frankly if you don’t know what I’m talking about you haven’t lived. The chap in the next seat is talking about the colonies and his colon and his eating something that smells of citrus peel with a side of honey and apricot conserve on buttery toast, get me? 
Palate. A meaty smoke filled dram and quite something, smoked salt, more citrus, pineapple in syrup makes an appearance, vanilla and honey from the casks and some all spice and clove.
Finish. Smoke and a little heat, like a chilli jam that’s been thrown in the fire.
So yeah, a lovely whisky, shame most of it will sit on display.
The Captain.

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