A #Whiskyfabic dinner

I’m too hungover to write anything funny, I’m too tired from laughing to post any pics I took, and surely nothing I snapped could compare to Jacque Sutherland’s superb photography?

I’m lucky to be part of #whiskyfabric a like minded a fun group for whisky lovers without the snobbery or old boys club attitude and I will always be grateful for being included.¬†
It was cracking to meet up with old friends and meet some new people too, especially those I’ve spoken to on social media but not met in real life.

I have also learned a few things.

1. Kilchoman Sanaig is really nice, I might persevere with the brand.

2. I have now had enough Laphroaig to know I really don’t like it.

3. Crown Royal Rye is okay, it’s easy drinking and cheap, I think it’s unfair to slag it off without taking on board how cheap it’s supposed to be and as Paul said, it’s a perfect starter whisky.

Thank you to everyone involved and Julie was soooo right, I would have killed for some of that sticky toffee pudding this morning, well this afternoon when I actually got out of my pit.
The Captain.

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