Royal Yacht Britannia 12 Year Old Highland Single Malt Whisky

The Tour of the Royal Yacht moored in Leith is a strange thing indeed, you wander around cramped living quarters of the crew and tip toe through the officer’s bars, two of them, and then up narrow corridors and stumble into massive dining halls bigger than most people’s homes and you just have to wonder how angry the Royal Family were when Tony Blair took it off them? I’m guessing they’d be livid because it really is a spectacular thing and well worth a nosy.

It also has a charming little dining area for tourists and of course, a shop, and in this shop you buy all sorts of Royal stuff, cups and biscuits and tea cloths and cufflinks, I’m sure you can imagine but also their own brand whisky, aged 12 years, they also sell Royal Lochnagar, which I believe is Prince Charles’ favourite dram of an evening which is why I assume they sell it along side their own branded stuff, it’s bottled at 40% and is very light on the eye.
As stated I’m drinking the 12 Year Old Highland Single Malt, it has changed from a 10 Year Old and they used to do a blend so I’m guessing these are limited batches they change periodically. 
Nose. Soft and Light, some sherry notes with booze soaked raisins, a little lavender honey and strawberry jam.
Palate. More sherry notes, light and easy to drink, porridge with honey and strawberry jam, clean oak, orange and candied orange.
Finish. Short and sweet, a little heather honey and sherry lingers as the taste fades.
Now, is it worth forty five pounds? Well I’ve seen NAS nonsense on sale for a lot more with a lot less happening in the bottle and I did buy a bottle so I’d have to say, maybe, you’re buying something very few others will have, it’s not advertised online for sale and so you can only buy it from the gift shop in Leith and there can’t be many whiskies you can say that about. 
Yes I know it’s aimed at tourists and fans of the Royal Family more than hardened whisky buffs but that’s no reason not to try it, even if it’s just a mini. 
The Captain.

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