Like being wellied the goolies? Then this is for you.

The Green Welly Stop is a superb shop and something of a Scottish oddity that will hopefully last forever, it’s a mixture of independent Whisky retailer offering some of the best whiskies, with some very decent prices to boot and also a shop full of gardening and camping stuff, clothes and knick knacks and as I love both camping and drinking heavily it’s a sort of shopping Mecca for me.

They also bottle their own whisky, made in a secret location by a man only known as “One eyed Bruce” in stills reclaimed after the Highland Clearances and if you listen carefully you can still hear the ghost of a single bagpiper playing the Fallen Solider as the newly made spirit flows out.

That’s maybe pushing it a wee bit but I was lucky enough to get sent a very generous sample of this and I really enjoyed it, it’s a feisty and punchy young blend best mixed with a drop or two water and once again reminds of an older style of whisky, maybe a little rough round the edges but one with lots of character and some very decent notes.

Nose. Young and powerful, reminds me of Hanky Bannister which I love, toasted oats and honey with a dried apricot and a little lavender, if it’s left for a while with that drop of water a little white pepper comes out along with rum notes.

Palate. It hits pretty hard, you get that fiery heat from a young whisky. Vanilla and grapefruit in syrup with some buttery toast and and touch of the old favourite, the well fired roll. There’s also a slight hint of burnt toffee happening which is champion.

Finish. Sweet but with a little crushed black pepper heat, short but satisfying.

People might think I’m knocking this but far from it, all whiskies have their place and this would be perfect sitting beside a camp fire out Haggis or Kelpie hunting, rough round the edges, aye, but then so are diamonds.

The Captain.

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