Balcones Staff Selection limited Edition 62.5%

Sweet baby Jesus were almost the first words that came out of my mouth when this first touched my lips when I tried it neat, it was the first of the Twitter tasting selection and, like the rest of them, blew my mind.

Balcones is a young distillery from Waco doing different things with their whisky and proving that with the right balance of care and attention to detail plus using the best casks they can get they can give us young whiskies and a rum that are worthy of our attention and hard earned cash money.
So, this is over 60%, that’s strong and it’s too strong for my lips so I added a drop or two of water to this and suggest you do too, it’s a lot of whiskey this. 
Nose. Liquorice, treacle, pipe tobacco, kirsch, dark chocolate.
Palate. Lots of charred oak, treacle again and maple syrup, this is not your typical American take on whiskey, it is very different, well done them.
Finish, Stays with you for a while, charred wood and now a little honey on buttered toast, a few drops of chocolate too, dark chocolate.
So yeah, this is not what anyone will be expecting, it tastes like nothing I’ve ever had before, certainly not from our American cousins and it is superb, it’s offering something different and if you can find it and if you can afford it, because it’s not cheap, then I’d say go for it.
Thanks to the Balcones boys and girls and The Whisky Wire for shipping the sample.
The Captain.

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