Tesco 12 Year old Highland Single Malt Whisky 40%

A little disclaimer, I’ve had this review sitting idle in drafts for several months but I doubt the whisky had changed much.

So over the last year or so I’ve looked at a lot of Aldi and Lidl whiskies plus a couple of Waitrose whiskies so I thought, when I saw it a couple of pounds off, why not try something from the Supermarket at the end of my street, and let’s be honest there is a Tesco at the end of everyone’s street so at least it’s going to be accessible to the majority of most of my UK readers, yes both of you.
The Tesco 12 Year Old Highland Single Malt is made for Tesco by, guess who? Whyte and Mackay? How did you guess? Probably because they seem to make pretty much every supermarket blend or single malt out there but I approve of the Tesco branding rather than the made up Coo o’ the Glen made nonsense others go for, this doesn’t make them bad whiskies I just wish they didn’t make up names, and Whyte and Mackay made pretty solid whisky and obviously everyone will scream Dalmore which is fair enough I guess because W and M, as I’m now calling them, own three Highland producers with Dalmore being one of them and Fettercairn and the obscure Ben Wvyis being the other, now if I were a betting man I’d say this isn’t Ben Wvyis because Ben Wvyis hasn’t produced whisky for years and is really expensive so it’s one of the other two.
Price wise this twenty five pounds a bottle so compare that to the 40% Dalmore 12, also bottled at 40%, at around thirty five pounds or the Fettercairn Fior which is a NAS whisky and 42% and costs around thirty eight pounds and you’ve got yourself a bargain, no? Well sort of.
Just because it’s a Dalmore doesn’t mean it’s the same as a Dalmore 12, different, better?, casks might be used for the Dalmore with the not so good whisky being used to create the Tesco stuff plus the blending of the Dalmore might involve older still whiskies whereas the Tesco whisky might not so don’t assume it’s the same, get me?
Anyway, I’m not writing this up because I hate it I’m writing it up because I really enjoyed it so here’s the review.
Nose. Exactly like the Dalmore 12 (HA, see what I did there?) only joking. Very light, cut grass and a freshly opened tin of barley sweets spring to mind, vanilla and candy floss, bourbon casks you’d think, a hint of orange honey.
Palate. Baked apples in Vanilla flavoured sugar and butter, tastes younger than a lot of 12 year old whiskies, more honey but with a little lavender and some All Spice but very faint, a very faint hint of mint and cloves if you leave it in the glass for twenty minutes, best consumed quickly, it’s easy drinking this, not complicated at all but that’s not a bad thing, this is a very decent mid week dram.
Finish, Not surprisingly it’s pretty quick and to the point, treacle tart dusted with icing sugar and a touch of heat linger for a few minutes, very nice. 
So there you go, it’s straight forward, enjoyable and an aged statement whisky for under thirty pounds and is readily available, it won’t leave you scratching your head for a month of drinking before thinking out loud “over ripe gooseberries” as I’ve been known to say when trying to remember what something tasted of but it’s certainly a go too whisky for me, well done Whyte and Mackay, I mean Tesco, I mean me, I always mean me.
The Captain.

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