BenRiach 18 Year Old PX Finish Cask Strength, a proper old fashioned sherry monster.

This whisky is superb, as I’ve said before I don’t tend to review whisky which is hard to find but this is both a superb whisky and really shows how good a cask strength offering can be, thanks loads to @AmateurDrammer for the generous sample.

I used to be really into BenRiach, before I was bothering people with my nonsense and really when I was just getting into whisky properly BenRiach offered both a superb range and were very reasonably priced and the two local shops which sold whisky had a fair few bottles for sale and I scooped them all and devoured them, I wish I’d taken notes but such is life. 
Nose. Takes a while to settle in the glass, it has a very strong sherry and alcohol note to start with but that eases to reveal rummy notes, those cherry lips sweets you used to get, can you still get those? There is something hot, pepper and curry powder, powerful stuff even with twenty percent water and left alone for half an hour. 
Palate. Strong and full mouthful, feels thick and oily in the mouth, honey sweetness but with orange bitterness and dried raspberries and a dark rich chocolate, this would go very well with some chocolate. There’s a hint of well fired rolls too. I feel I need, because I’ve been dug up for it before, to explain a well fired roll, well fired rolls are Scottish morning baked bread rolls which have been extra fired to give a crispy black top, they are braw, it’s a sort of charcoal burnt wee bit of liquorice taste, okay, okay? Cool. 
Finish. Nice, long lasting and heavy hitting, it’s still sitting on my lips a good ten minutes after it passed my lips, the sweet treacle and those well fired rolls just taste great.
This is a quality whisky, it reminds me of whisky from the past, whisky is supposed to be consumed, it’s supposed to be shared and it’s not supposed to be stretched to the point that the integrity of the product is sullied in the name of profit, and that ain’t cool man. 
The Captain. 

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