Glenmorangie Midwinter’s night dram, free whisky and tasting an old favourite

There was a time, a couple of months back that you could get yourself a free bottle of whisky, sort of, let me explain.

Glenmorangie brought a limited edition, it was limited to the UK market, whisky, the Midwinter’s night dram which was sold in Morrisons, and still is, for £28. This is a bargain for three reasons which I’ll list below.
1. It’s a very able Single Malt Whisky from Glenmorangie for under thirty notes, but more of that later.
2. Canny buyers who want a bottle can buy two and get one of them for only a few pounds, more that later too.
3. It reminded me that sometimes the old Single Malts we first flirted with still offer so much.
Okay, maybe a wee bit more detail, I’ll do the review later and I’ll explain first how I paid buttons for the bottle I have. Mind I said this is a UK release only? Well it is and there are loads, so it seems, of non UK based collectors who went mental for this at auction so if you picked up two bottles for £28 a go then put one into auction and watched open mouthed as it sold for twice that, it doesn’t now, there are bottles currently at auction for around thirty but still. So good times.
So now I have my bottle of Midwinter’s night dram (as an aside can someone explain to me how Glenmorangie managed to name this when there is already another spirit with the same name albeit a bourbon?) and the first thing I do when I buy a new bottle of something is see if I have old notes hidden away on others from the same distillery, which I did. 
I had a few notes hand written on the Glenmorangie Nector Do’r which were not positive, the Signet which just a tick and a big smiley face beside it, the 18 year old which just had a few simple tasting notes from back before I was writing about whisky and the 10 which was a little bit more detailed. I happen to have both a 35cl bottle of the 10 Y/O from years back and a recent offering so I’ll be digging them out and getting torn in next month, probably. 
What I’m getting at is that sometimes us whisky drinkers get too fixated on the next big thing, or the latest offerings and we rarely go back and take our time with the whiskies that we first tried and learned to love, it was my Granddad and father who got me into whisky and Glenmorangie was always on in the whisky cabinet, always, and I look forward to reviewing the 10 and comparing with the older bottling.
I think I’ve probably rambled enough now so I better get on with things.
The Glenmorangie Midwinter’s night dram is bottled at 43% and makes no mention of colour or chill filtration but I’d say it does have added colour certainly.
Nose, this is a dram that needs the bottle opened for a while, a couple of weeks at least, I really struggled with this to begin with but it opens up nicely once it’s had the cork off and a few drams drained. So, Honeyed fruit, orange bitters and candied orange, raisins and some woody spice.
Palate. Molasses, like a very light rum, chocolate, orange again but softer now, crisp red apple and slightly under ripe melon. a touch of all spice from the wood, decent use of barrels here I think.
Finish. White pepper heat, warm waxy buttered honey toast, a very decent staying dram.
So there we have it, this is a very decent offering, perhaps surprisingly so because Glenmorangie almost seems like a dram people forget about, the new Milsean which I’ve not sampled got decent enough reviews and the 10 year year old is often available at a discount but I like I said earlier I think in our quest to find new and exciting stuff the old guard is left on the shelves, and perhaps it shouldn’t be.
The Captain.

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