Ridgemont 1792 Small Batch Bourbon.

I got sent a sample of this ages ago and totally forgot to drink it, not very Scottish turning down a free drink is it?

Anyway 1792 was when Kentucky formally became a state and this small batch bourbon from Ridgemont and distilled in the Bardstown Distillery celebrates this, everyday is a school day over here at Apocalypse Towers.

This is bottled at the very precise 46.85% and is it’s bourbon won’t contain any dodgy colouring or other rubbish.

Before I let you all know my thoughts I’d just like to remind everyone that I am loving my bourbon voyage, I’m sure the bourbon business is as cynical as the Scotch business but there just seems, to me anyway, something a little bit more innocent about it all.

Nose. Nice and relaxed, lots of orange and lemon notes, orange honey, baked apples stewing in sugary rich butter and a touch of cinnamon kick.

Palate. More of a hit that I expected which settles quickly, lots of orange and baked apple again, it’s a lovely oily mouthful too making it feel very luxurious in the mouth, a hint of cloves and Star Anise but with more brown sugar and molasses in the background.

Finish, gentle with a touch of smoke like slightly over cooked candy floss which fades quickly but is very pleasing.

So yeah, it’s nice, it’s got enough going to justify buying a bottle and certainly well worth trying if you see it in a bar.

Thanks awfully to the people at Buffalo Trace UK for the sample.

The Captain.

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