Jim Beam Devil’s Cut

I drink my whisky either neat or with a little water and I’ve always found the regular Jim Beam we see in every bar and supermarket in the world a little bit harsh and a little bit dull so a couple of years back I was intrigued to see a new an exciting looking bottle of Jim Beam on the shelves, perhaps this new stronger version would be the go to bourbon for me?

Jim Beam Devil’s cut has had a few outings here at Apocalypse Towers since its release, well since I’ve seen about anyway, but this is the first time I’ve bothered to review it, it’s bottled at 45% which is where, for me anyway, bourbon really starts to take off as a sipping experience. 
There is also a convoluted back story to its name but you can look that up elsewhere.
Nose. Much more intense than the regular Jim Beam, lots of wood, like a heavily oaked white wine, vanilla by the shed load and some all spice and smoked salt and some ground white pepper. Lavender honey is lingering about too. 
Palate. Another full mouthful, dark chocolate, pepper and oak which opens out after ten minutes in the glass and a drop of water, water lets out some citrus notes along with sugared almonds and a little lemon.
Finish. Short and sharp and to the point, lingering with oak and almonds, a touch of citrus and then it fades to black.
Well done Jim Beam and well done UK supermarkets for selling this for under twenty pounds a bottle.
The Captain.

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