Mackinlay’s 12 Year Old Blend

I’ve been in two minds about reviewing this, I don’t tend to review bottles which are discontinued and as rare as rocking horse shit but I was talking to a friend about it and decided I would share both my thoughts on the whisky and the joy of a random find.

I picked this up at auction as part of a 3 bottle job lot and I was really after one of the other bottles and going by what the other bottles go for I’d say I paid about fifteen pounds for this and it was put in the whisky cupboard and forgotten about, as no doubt many bottles do.
So, my wife is out and I’ve had a couple of drinks and I’m looking at my current opens and I’m bored so I open the cupboard shut my eyes and grabbed a bottle, well technically a box, and opened my eyes.
Mackinlay’s 12 Year Old Blend, bottled at 40% and comes in a 75cl bottle and comes from the late 80s meaning I’m sitting here drinking whisky from the 70s, which is almost always a good thing, and it very much is here.
Now I’ve done a little research and I think this bottling was for either the German or Belgium market and is the same firm that made Shackleton’s whisky, so there you go.
Nose. Gentle smoke from a coal fire, chocolate, chopped up herbs, maybe parsley, the marriage between the grain and high malt content (this is a guess) is superb, half an hour after the glass is poured and the smoke gets stronger with a good pipe tobacco back note.
Palate. flapjacks, Nutella, bitter black coffee and peanut brittle. I can taste the grain which was absent in the nose but it’s old and fine and works well.
Finish. Lasts a while, gentle cigarette smoke lingers along with the coffee and chocolate.
Oh yeah, this is brilliant, it’s one of the finest whiskies I’ve ever tasted and it’s heartbreaking to know I’m unlikely to find it again as I’ve only ever seen once in buying at auction for two years now and although it is available online I’m not paying over a hundred pounds for it, that’s just silly.
One final point is that if you’re idly looking over the three or four thousand lots at whatever auction you fancy and you see a little lot of two or three random bottles, especially if they are older bottles, why not take the punt? You might just find a gem.
If anyone who reads this fancies a dram let me know, I’ve now decanted the last of the bottle into a few mini bottles and I’m always happy to swap.
The Captain. 

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