A fire lit?

I’m tired and sore after getting a stupid tattoo I’ll regret when I’m older or something and on the bus home I noticed something interesting.

Compass Box they of the superb blends were trending and every other post on my timeline was someone saying how much they support them.
Now at first I thought it was their swanky new logo but no it’s their response to being censored for daring to tell us what was in their blend and that response is to try and get signatures to take forward and perhaps get the law changed to allow companies should they choose to be able to divulge exactly what they were putting in the bottles you then buy.
It wouldn’t be compulsory but why not? When I buy pretty much anything edible the list of ingredients is written on the packet so that the customer can make an informed choice on what they are putting into their bodies, but not with whisky.
We don’t know what colouring is added, we don’t know about chill filtration, we don’t know the make up of the barrels and we don’t know, in an ever growing number of bottles, the age of the whisky, we know the legal minimum unless the company want to tell us although some choose to be open and honest which is good but I’d like to see all whisky give absolute full disclosure of what they are selling us.
I think this would be a good thing for the industry, there are plenty of bottles out their with a 3 year minimum age statement on and it wouldn’t be that hard to list, even if it was on the website, the exact make up of each batch.
Let’s be honest here, most of the people who are buying the cheaper whiskies on our supermarket shelves aren’t going to be bothered how much grain is chucked in, how many times a cask has been charred or broken up and re built, they don’t care about e150 colouring, they care about a half decent taste, they care about a minimum 40% and they care about price, I know this because I’m one of them and I couldn’t care less about the make up of my bottle of Label 5 or Famous Grouse.
Those who are honest and upfront about what they bottle can follow the lead of Compass Box and wow us with all the lovely details us whisky anoraks love.
What it might do though is show up some of the young, poorly matured, over marketed rubbish that has been on the market for years and wouldn’t it be nice to buy a bottle tomorrow and enjoy that bottle and then find out in two years when we pick up another bottle of the same whisky that it is indeed the same and not a very different beast?
Well done to Compass Box but let’s hope that this is the first step to really shake things up.
The Captain.

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