Every sexism, another Captain John moanathon

I probably shouldn’t get annoyed by such things but ever since I’ve had a daughter my feminism has become, perhaps, more militant than it used to be, I’m certainly a lot less tolerant of the sort of every day sexist shit I’ve encountered over the last few days both on social media and out there in the real world, which I can confirm is still as horrible as ever.

Anyway, you’ll probably want to know what I’m rambling on about, well it’s that non holiday of non holidays coming up, Valentine’s day, what a con job this is, I’m married I’ll show my wife I love her by putting up with her constant nagging and eating her terrible food (see what I did there? The old flipperoony) and I’m pretty sure neither of us need to show our affection for each other by wasting money on over priced flowers or cards or whatever else, it’s horseshit but if there’s one thing that annoys me more than the sheer Western culture waste of money and energy than Valentine’s day it is shop windows offering his and her gift ideas.

We are in 2016 so are we still at the stage that off licenses need to offer advice such as whisky for the chaps and fizz and chocolates for the ladies? I don’t think we should be but twice now I’ve been told to not get offended or calm down by shops I’ve challenged over this lazy marketing because I think that’s what this is, it’s lazy boring stereotypes from people who by now should know better.

I’m going to try and not rant on for too long on this subject but I’ve not moaned in ages so I’ll just remind everyone out there in the retail trade that women are, at the very least, just as likely to be buying whisky for themselves and that I know five people, the five I’ve asked, that would not buy from shops with this sort of advertising in the window or in an in shop display and I know no one, at all, who would make the deliberate effort to buy from said shops so the advertising either makes no difference or puts people off, so there.

Oh and if anyone is wondering what The Captain would chose between a bottle of whisky and a bottle of Pol Roger Winston Churchill Vintage I’ll take the Champagne and pass me the Ferrero Rocher on your way out.

Happy Valentine’s day when it comes.

The Captain.

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