Eagle Rare 10 Review

At the end of last year I decided to make this year my year of Bourbon and every since I’ve been picking up bottles or samples wherever I can and when I saw this on offer as part of an Amazon flash deal I just couldn’t resist.

The Eagle Rare 10 is part of the part of the Buffalo Trace stable and carries a ten year age statement and as it’s bourbon contains no colourings or other shit, it also weighs in at 45% and retails anywhere from thirty to forty notes.
It also has a really nice bottle, now I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned a bottle before but there’s something about the bottle that’s really nice, it’s just a very well packaged product.
A little note here to say that this is a drink that improves with time in the glass and a drop or two of water, let this sit in the glass for ten minutes before you touch it and sip it over half an hour and it just keeps opening up.
Nose. Toffee popcorn, Orange Blossom honey, leather and oak, a little note of tobacco and some peppery olive oil too. It’s a brilliant, fragrant and honest dram on the nose.
Palate. Honey flapjacks, charred oak, nice hit of spice but there is a sweetness that comes out the longer it’s in the glass. Slightly over cooked Vanilla Tablet and white pepper comes out if you leave it in the glass for a while.
Finish. Lingering, warm and relaxed, a touch of that Orange Blossom honey, leather and that cooked oak again.
This is well worth it and as we see more bourbon losing their age statements it might be worth picking a bottle or six before the price goes through the roof.
The Captain.

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