Lidl time again. Glen Alba 22 Blended Scotch Whisky

Oh I do like a supermarket bargain and after buying the two single malts from the recent Lidl whisky spectacular I’ve just sampled one of their blends too, this time the 22 Year Old Sherry cask Finish Blended whisky.

This is only £29.99 where available and I’m really hoping they do these again because they’ve all been, so far, excellent value for money and top notch whisky and shows you really don’t need to spend a fortune to get a decent dram.
One note to Lidl though, ditch the marketing smoke and mirrors and rejoice in what you’ve given us. 
Nose. Lots of fruit, sherry soaked plump raisins and nut mix, kiwi fruit and apricot jam. There’s some nice woody notes too, I didn’t add water to this, I really don’t think it needed it. 
Palate. A little oak and oats, more of that rich fruit jam and sherried fruit. Mango chutney and a touch of cigarette smoke.
Finish. Quick and unremarkable. One of the minor flaws in this is that by making it 40% and using filtration we lose some of the oomph you often get in stronger, un touched whisky. 
So aye, this is well worth it if you can find it and thanks to Stuart Bell for providing the sample.

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