Balcones True Blue 50%

I’m more of a champagne socialist than a True Blue but you know how these things go, you get sent some whisky from the fine chaps at the The Whisky Wire and it’d be rude not to get torn right into it so here we go again.

Another beast from Balcones, because they’ve obviously decided that normal whisky is for cowards and children and here I am again starting at another dram at 50% or over, good times, I added water, obviously.
The True Blue is a roasted blue corn whisky so another first for me, you certainly can’t knock Balcones for being lazy and predictable. 
Nose. Demerara sugar, roasted chestnuts, lots of warm melted butter on popcorn, this is an excellent whisky for nosing.
Palate. Over ripe bananas, little bit of alcohol but not much, even with the drop of water I added this is still a strong whisky, there’s more a bourbon feel to this, honey, demerara again, sweet buttery pastry, Baklava, Nougat. Oh Aye, or perhaps that should be HELL YEAH, seeing as we’re in Texas.
Finish. Shorter this time than I expected, light, sweet and with a touch of charcoal for the first time with this dram.
Another not so cheap bottle of whisky but again, there is something about Balcones that makes me say that it’s worth a punt, maybe try before you buy but yeah, another good effort and something to think about the next time you’re buying a bottle.
Thanks to the team at Balcones and The Whisky Wire for the drammage.
The Captain.

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