Balcones Blue Corn Bourbon 64.5%

Yes, you read that right, 64.5%. I’m always troubled by such strong whisky, I don’t really know how to handle it, it’s easy to ruin by adding too much water but as much as I don’t want to ruin my dram neither do I want to turn my insides to glue either.

Balcones are once again offering up a different style of whisky a hard hitting bourbon full of things happening and stuff going on.

Nose. When you taste a standard bourbon you get honey, sweetness, floral notes, new wood and a buttery feel, with this I get road tar, treacle, charcoal and bbq. There is, with water, brandy notes, and brown butter.

Palate. Big hitting again, stewed apples and raisins, charcoal, dark chocolate, chilli oil, white pepper, burnt steak, salt.

Finish. Awesome, long and rich. Charcoal, honey, vanilla cream and heat all in one aftertaste.

Jeezo this is not your average whisky, whiskey, bourbon whatever you want to call it, it is intense, it goes really well with strong cheese and it totally changes my opinion of what Americans can produce.

Thanks awfully to the Balcones people and The Whisky Wire.

The Captain.

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