Lidl makes another bold statement with its Ben Bracken 28 Year Old Speyside Single Malt Whisky

I’ve made so many piss poor jokes about supermarket own brand whisky and the ye olde Scottish names that I’m not going to make any more, okay? Okay.

So anyway, I was playing some tennis with my old friend Ben the other day and he offered me a bottle of his old family name whisky, Bracken’s Speyside Single Malt and who was I to turn down such an offer? 
Lidl via their Ben Bracken Whisky Label have given us some very decent whisky in the past, I’ve enjoyed the recent 22 year old Islay Single Malt which you can read about here as well as the 12 year old Blended Malt and 8 Year old Single Malt which you can get at the moment, sometimes, Lidl can be strange with their stock levels at times, I have two near me and one can be rammed full of whisky and the other empty or the other way around depending on the position of the moon, or something. 
And here we are with the rather lovely 28 year old Single Malt from a mystery distillery on Speyside, many have taken guesses as to where this whisky comes from but I’d suggest, and I’m no Sherlock Holmes, that as Whyte and Mackay own the Clydeside Scotch Whisky Co Ltd who turn out Ben Bracken for Lidl and Whyte and Mackay own one Speyside Distillery I’d say it’s a fair bet to suggest that we’re drinking Tamnavulin, a 28 year old Tamnavulin for fifty notes. 
Fifty pounds, it’s not aimed at serious collectors who go for aged whisky, it’s aimed at people wanting to treat themselves, I shop in Lidl and could do a fortnight shop for fifty quid, it’s aimed at people who perhaps cannot afford the sort of silly money a 28 year old whisky would normally sell for and yeah okay it’s bottled at 40% and yes it’s Chill Filtered, something they strangely boast about, but this is a game changing whisky and it’s showing that whisky doesn’t have to cost a fortune.
Okay, sorry I’ve been prattling on again, I get on with it.
Nose. Honey and bookshops, orange rind and quite a strong whiff of floral perfume, it moves onto, I’m half way down the bottle, apple, cut grass, wheat and dried cranberries. I would suggest there has been quite the marriage of casks going on.
Palate. The sweetness is there again, honey, vanilla, sugar coated almonds. I also got some nice oak notes and a little bit of meatiness, pork pie in a glass? No, don’t be silly. That favourite old line of mine, leather on willow. This is a superb whisky for the money. Dark fruit jam spread on buttered malt toast. Braw.
Finish. Perhaps it’s the 40% or chill filtration but the finish is short and sweet, but that’s okay.
You might still find this on the shelves, you might one of the other older expressions Lidl brought out but if nothing else keep this review in mind if they ever bring out another range like this because the two bottles I’ve opened have been a joy.
I paid for this myself with my own pocket money.
The Captain. 

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