It’s all on the Label

You might not have heard of Label 5, certainly not if you’re reading this from somewhere in the UK but it’s very popular abroad and recently Morrisons have dipped their toe in the water with Label 5 and offered it up for as low as eleven pounds a bottle.

Eleven pounds a bottle probably puts a few people off, surely a whisky costing so little will be poor but I don’t agree, obviously or I wouldn’t be reviewing it.
Label 5 is a blended Scotch with no age statement, perhaps that 5 on the label is a little misleading? It’s bottled at 40% and probably has colouring and chill filtration but as always I’m happy to be corrected.
Nose. It has rich sweetness which reminds me of another cheap favourite of mine Hanky Bannister, corn rich with a sweet vanilla and crumble edge, warm double cream and toffee.
Palate. It’s young and there is a little harshness but it’s eleven pounds, there is a little vanilla again, hazelnuts and some dried fruit.
Finish. More nuttiness with a little nutmeg spice too, it’s quick but there isn’t much of a burn which you might expect for such a cheap whisky.
So there we have it, it’s a whisky you can pick up, if you’ve got a Morrisons nearby for next to nothing and, as the Facebook page of Label 5 clearly states, it would go great in cocktails, it would take ice well and it’s an okay sipping dram.
Enjoy and well played to Morrisons for bringing us a very decent whisky at a low price.
The Captain. 

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