Waiting for something a bit different.

R&B are a new distillery and While we Wait is exactly that, a waiting for their own Scotch to mature, many new companies will do the Independent bottler thing rather than making gin which is the other option to keep money in the till.

First off I’ll say this, 46% and natural colour and non chill filtered is the way forward, I’m getting so much more from these more powerful and honest whiskies. 
While we Wait is lightly peated and matured in Tuscan wine casks, in case you were wondering.
Nose. Pure sweetness which surprised me, creme caramel moving onto sticky toffee pudding, a little smoke comes in later but only in the back. It’s one of those whiskies you could sit and sniff for hours.
Palate. Much bigger peat hit on the palate than the nose, Vimto, caramel again, lots of heat and power, whipping cream, and that camp coffee stuff. Buckfast and there is nothing wrong with the taste and smell of Buckfast in moderation.
Finish, Stewed fruits and heat, creamy and a real mouth tingler.
So, this is a very interesting whisky, perhaps a little better on the nose than the palate but I’ve taken a lot from this, it is however pretty pricey, you can get it here if you so desire but I’d maybe try before you buy as the red wine casks have given it a particularly fragrant and sweet back note that’s not for everyone.

One thing I will say though if you’re pondering buying this is that they are new company who are attempting to bring more honesty and integrity to whisky sales and that is very much a good thing to be doing.

Thanks to the team at +TheWhiskyWire  and Allied Glass for providing the huge sample.
The Captain.

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