Tomatin Legacy

Tomatin Legacy, a 43% Highland Single Malt with no age statement, it’s their entry level whisky, there is no mention of chill filtration or colouring but I’m happy to be corrected.

Nose. Lime, freshly baked bread, Vanilla on Crumble and bubbling toffee, booze soaked raisins, a typical Highland whisky.
Palate. There’s more heat here than I expected opening out to herbal and honey. Oak and the bourbon barrels come out to play here for sure. Barley and Orange travel sweets.
Finish, Short and sweet, a little hint of warmth.
So, this is a very pleasant little number, it’s a Highland Single Malt for around twenty five pounds which I approve of and it might encourage people to dip their toe into a distillery that’s not as much in the public eye as some others.
You can buy this here if you’d like and thanks again to Allied Glass and the troops +TheWhiskyWire for providing the sample. 
The Captain.

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