BenRiach 16 Year Old Single Malt Whisky

It’s a BenRiach and I’m a fan of the distillery, a few years back I bought several of their double finished range which I thoroughly enjoyed but this is my first BenRiach since so I was really looking forward to this.

It’s bottled at 43% according to the wee sample and again there is no mention of chilly fiddling or colour contamination, but I’m happy to be told otherwise.

Nose, a little sherry but not a sherry bomb, vanilla by the bucket load and fresh, crisp green apples. Wood note and a floral note, lavender and rose.

Palate. Creamy mouthful, honey and lots more vanilla, buttery toast, sweet without being clawing, and a little nutmeg and custard tart.

Finish. Creamy, warm, honey and vanilla.

Ooft, this is braw, this is a really nice quaffing whisky I could see myself drinking long into the night with friends, it’s not what I would a challenge, everything in the bottle throws itself at you from the off and it’s all the better for it as I don’t think every bottle of whisky needs to be hard work when trying to get to the bottom, figuratively speaking.

You can buy this here, and I think you should.

Thanks to the lovely people at Allied Glass and the WhiskyWire for sorting me out.

The Captain.

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