Craigellachie Twitter Tasting and afterthoughts

Golly gosh, five tastes of Craigellachie tonight to get through so as is usually the case I’ll not bugger about and get on with it, I’m going to do all five in one review as I don’t want to pester people who follow me with five blogs on one brand so quickly.

For this I’m taking the notes I made on the day of the Twitter Tasting as well as the dram I left over to take my time over. I’ll admit here and now I added a little water to the 13 and 17 and a little more to the 19, 21 and 23 Year Old.

Another note, all of these whiskies really opened up with some time in the glass, I normally leave a whisky to settle and get some air in its lungs for between fifteen minutes and an hour.

13 Year Old Single Malt 46%

Nose. Microwave Salted Popcorn, toffee, floral perfume, smoky, BBQ coals, alcohol, pepper.

Palate. Sticky toffee, a little heat, burnt wood, pepper, those coals again.

Finish, Lasted well, smoke, popcorn again, little bit of burn.

17 Year Old Single Malt 46%

Nose. Less smoke and less BBQ coals but still there, pineapple, mango and sugar syrup but even with all that sweetness it’s a strong dram.

Palate. Pineapple again, more smoke coming through, some oak, cough sweets, orange peel.
Finish. Smoky, pineapple again, relatively quick but pleasant.

19 Year Old Single Malt 46%

Nose. Spirit, another one that needs to sit in the glass for a while, tablet, caramel, aniseed.

Palate. Dark fruit jam, plum or fig compote, rum notes too,

21 Year Old Single Malt 57.2%

This is all sorts of awesome, it’s a very powerful glass of whisky and I’ll be honest and say I’m adding about 20% water to this at least.

Nose. Licorice, hazelnuts, wet leaf,

Palate. Barley sweets, candied lemon, bitter orange (Campari?), chocolate, coffee, in fact I’ll say one of those coffee/hot chocolate combos you can get, smoked lemon curd, (I’d like to point out that smoked Lemon Curd should be a thing, can someone deal with this please.)

Finish, Lemon curd on buttery toast, break that down and that’s the finish.

23 Year Old Single Malt 46%

Ooft, it’s not often I get to tear into a 23 Year Old whisky, just a touch of water added here after the initial sniff and sip.

Nose. Leather, linseed oil on willow, cured ham, beeswax, aniseed on the back foot.

Palate. Chocolate with cherries soaked in kirsch, this really comes out tonight as I have my last wee drop, Leather, pipe tobacco, if I still smoked pipes this would go great. Caramelised Roast Pork, yes, honestly, this again comes out tonight.

Finish is rich and warm and long lasting, a touch of All Spice, Cinnamon, Clove and Cassis.

So, there we go, it was all consuming this tasting, five drams to get through and all of them quite unique, if I were buying I’d go for the 19 and 23 but I wouldn’t buy the 23 just because it’s more than I would pay for a whisky but it’s a lovely dram fair enough.

Craigellachie is a whisky normally found in blends so it’s nice we’re seeing these. They are different too to a lot of the whiskies on the market offering a range of whiskies that challenge you to think about what you’re drinking which, for me, is the thing that puts whisky, from anywhere, at the top of the pile when it comes to booze.

Thanks to Craigellachie and Steve +TheWhiskyWire for sorting this out.

The Captain.

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