Ben’s been at the bottle

Ben Bracken is a man of few words, a man of style and grace, think of him as a ginger David Beckham with a Scottish accent, you can in fact, think what you like because of course it’s the made up Lidl use to sell some of their own brand whiskies and this time they’ve delivered an absolute belter.

The Ben Bracken 22 Year Old Single Islay Malt Whisky is part of a new and probably already sold out range of aged whiskies produced by Lidl, the exact content is unknown by the company who make Ben Bracken are owned by Whyte and Mackay so you can start your detective work from here.

This Islay single malt is bottled at 40% with probably some colouring, chill filtration (which they boast about on the bottle) but that’s kinda where the bad vibes end if I’m honest.

Nose. Gentle smoke, wood charred, Chorline and some grassy notes. After a few minutes I get bubblegum and raspberry sauce, Germonline. It smells a bit like Laphroaig but not as muddy, a little leather.

Palate. Smoke and heat at first but it settles in the glass, oatmeal biscuit moving on to digestive biscuit, a back note of curry powder, honey and burnt sugar.

Finish. Lasts longer than I expected, I could still feel a little warmth and sweetness minutes after.

So, this is a 22 Year Old Whisky for under fifty pounds, I don’t really like talking about price but it’s worth a mention here, and I had my doubts when I first picked the box from the shelve, I’ve tasted super cheap old expressions before and I’ve been disappointed but this is very good and excellent value for money, if you can find this, and I’m sure you will if you’ve a couple of Lidl stores in your area, then I would recommend it, I only really review whisky I like anyway but I’ll make the extra recommendation too.

One final point, most people I know don’t drop over a hundred pounds or more on a bottle of whisky and you’ll struggle to find such an old whisky for less so it’s worth it for the experience alone, if the price tag is still too much then perhaps try and go halves with a mate, a half bottle of 22 Year Old Islay Single Malt for £25 is still a great price.

Oh, and don’t add water, it ruins it.

The Captain.

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  1. I have only had my first taste of the 22yo but based on that, I don't think it originates at Laphroaig and I think it's pretty poor for a 22 year old whisky. However, for the price, it's not a bad scotch.


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