Glenlivet 7 Year Old, Edinburgh Whisky 46%

Back to Edinburgh Whisky again and this time another of their Library Collection serving us a Glenlivet first fill Sherry Butt bottled at 46% with no colouring and no chill filtration.

I say a challenge because it is, it’s a whisky that takes a little time to get to know, I need a little water with this dram certainly and a good few hours sitting, sniffing and sipping over a couple of sessions to really become friends with it.
On the nose. Okay this is young and there is a little spirit on the nose at first although it settles down nicely (Distilled in 2007 bottled in 2015), Brittle toffee, salty porridge, lime pickle, coffee and toffee popcorn.
Palate. A little nippy at first then mellows into salt, peppermint creams, ginger nuts, molasses flavoured rum, almost like an aged grain whisky, white pepper and there was a hint somewhere of really old sticky balsamic.
Finish, a nice warm finish, dry sherry, white pepper and a little sweetness.
So aye, another complex dram and the sort of whisky which would be great for a blind tasting as it throws up a lot of curve balls making you think about what you’re drinking.
Once again this is available here, here and here sometime soon and hopefully a few other places too.
Ta very much to the boys and girls at Edinburgh Whisky for dropping me off a wee sample.

The Captain.


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