Edinburgh Whisky, Highland Park 15 Year Old 46%

Edinburgh Whisky not only have their lovely lovely blend they also, at present have two independent bottles called the Library Collection and tonight I’ll be bothering you about the Highland Park 15 year old (distilled in 2000 and bottled in 2015).

It’s refreshing to see that we’re being told that we’re getting whisky from a First Fill Bourbon Barrel with natural colouring and bottled at 46% which is always nice.
Now first off I’m going to say this is pretty complex, it’s one of those whiskies where you spend forever trying to get to the bottom of it, I’m not saying that’s a bad thing I’m just putting it out there that this is perhaps not for beginners and is a whisky to take your time over. I’ll also admit that this is a whisky, in my opinion that works really well with a drop or two of water, no more than that but obviously it’s a personal thing, it’s just that I’m right and always am.
Nose, A little aniseed, smoke and a touch of the seaside. Pipe tobacco, a smooth and mellow tobacco, rose hips, Coffee beans coated in chocolate. The Bourbon Cask is prominent here but the smoke has made this a very complex dram.
Palate. Salt, Sultanas, Orange Rind and a background of Peat are my first thoughts this turns into cough sweets, white pepper, sour sweets and well fired rolls. Now I’ve had bother before for saying well fired rolls because a lot of people won’t know what that means, it’s burnt morning rolls and it’s lovely.
Finish, Pepper on buttery toast, a little smoke and some woody notes too lingering in the back of the mouth.
So aye, it’s a very interesting bottle of whisky, it’s one I’ll openly admit is not for beginners, it’s complex and it’s something to take time over.
As before you can buy this here, here and here sometime soon.
The Captain.


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