New Town Blended Malt, Edinburgh Whisky 46%

I moan a lot and I know I’m cynical but every now and again a whisky comes along which really raises my spirits (see what I did there?).
Edinburgh Whisky is a new company currently offering their own blend plus a couple of independent bottles, more on them in another issue, with the main goal being setting up and making their own whisky although they admit that is a couple of years off but whisky is a marathon not a sprint, surely?
I asked Gordon, one of the men behind the company, what made him choose this blend and his answer was refreshing (I’ll be doing a proper interview in the new year along with a few others), they wanted to create a whisky that they would be “happy drinking themselves or pouring for friends”, it’s not the cheapest blend on the market but the quality of the ingredients shines through.
Okay that’s enough bigging them up you can read all about them here and you should.
So here we go then with Edinburgh Whisky Advocates Batch Natural Colour and 43%
Nose. Nutmeg and custard, buttered toast topped with a little salt, melted chocolate, Edinburgh rock and red kola cubes, it’s a lovely warm Speyside Malt reminds me of Mortlach or Linkwood, perhaps a younger version but that kind of whisky.
Palate. A warmer dram than I was expecting, relaxes with a drop or two of water, Edinburgh rock again but moving on to rhubarb and custard sweets, peanut brittle springs to mind, kiwi fruit, can I say Kiwi fruit? I just did so I guess I can, there’s also a pleasant earthiness to it, think about when your drop a burger from the bbq onto the grass but you eat it anyway, that sort of earth.
Finish. Long and relaxing, more of the nuttiness, floral notes linger in the mouth, very nice.
The reason I wanted this is whisky is because I grew up in the New Town and have very fond memories of the place and really just wanted this to sit on the shelve but it’s a really good solid whisky. When you look at the price there are entering the market alongside some very good whiskies, think Compass Box Great King Street Blends, Douglas Laing’s Scallywag and Dimple 15, does it sit alongside them? Yes it does and the thing about this whisky and Edinburgh Whisky is that it doesn’t need to be cut throat competition, all of the independent bottlers and blenders can exist side by side and we as consumers should be supporting them all because without them we’ll just be left with the big boys, it’s like shopping in the local deli or butcher rather than the hypermarket, get supporting get buying and well done to Edinburgh Whisky on a cracking first effort and I wait with baited breath on their upcoming blends.
Oh and you can buy it here, here and here and I think you should, if you want.
The Captain.

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