Oh good, another victory for corporate bullies.

If there was any doubt the industry don’t give a rats arse about us punters the Scotch Whisky Association have no forced the Independent Blender Compass Box to remove some of its literature from their website because, wait for it, they’ve been telling us too many whisky secrets.

To cut a long story short someone within the industry complained that because Compass Box put the exact make up of their latest whiskies online they were in breach of the obscure EU regulation 12.3 which states that a spirits advertising can only contain the youngest spirit within the blend.
I’m now going to swear a lot.
Fuck off, we’re now plagued with marketing offering us Founder’s reserves, Limited Editions, Rare and Mysterious and all that shit but we can’t be told what we’re actually drinking? I’ll say it again, fuck off.
We are deluged with Non Aged Statement Whiskies being as vague as fuck but we can’t be told what we’re actually drinking?
Not only that but how many times have we all read marketing info telling us there are old and rare whiskies in bottles? I’ll answer that for you, all the time, but heaven forbid we’re told the exact make up because you know, that would give those bullies at Compass Box an unfair advantage because they’re being honest about their product, the mind boggles.
This is horseshit, as the quality and age of stock goes downhill those companies who are trying to flog us their wares are being more and more cynical about their approach, bollocks to them all, if it’s ever reveled who complained I won’t buy from them again on principal.
And remember Compass Box might have to take their literature off but I can stick up whatever the fuck I like.
The Captain.


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