Pre Christmas Supermarket madness Part One

Okay, so it’s not even November but here I am trawling though the supermarket’s websites, so you don’t have too, looking for bargains.

It’s this time of the year where the big supermarkets start cock waving and offering some very tempting discounts to entice all us whisky drinkers through their doors, I’ll do a part two in December.

I’ll start with the cheaper blends, then foreign stuff then Single Malts, if anyone knows of anything else let me know, in fact let everyone know so we can all fill our boots.

One last thing, I’m not saying all these whiskies are my favourites I’m telling what I consider good deals and worth your money, I’m well aware there are other offers.

I love my blends so it’s good news to see several heavily discounted over the next four to six weeks.



Whyte and Mackay 1 litre £18.50
Grant’s 1 litre £15.00 yes, fifteen notes for a litre of okay whisky.
Chivas 12 year old Blended whisky £20

The Chivas is also on offer at Sainsbury’s, Asda and Morrisons and the Whyte and Mackay is actually a few pence cheaper if you have a Waitrose to hand.

Foreign Stuff.

Jim Beam Devil’s cut £20
Bulleit Bourbon £22
Wild Turkey £15
Canadian Club £18
Jack Daniel’s £15

Fifteen quid for a bottle of very passable Wild Turkey is superb, I’ll be buying this, same with the Devil’s Cut.

Single Malts.

Glenrothes is £8 off down to £30
Talisker Storm is £30 which is what it’s worth.
Glenfiddich 12 year old is now £25

There are others on offer but I think these three are the ones worth going for, if I’m honest the rest are at best just worth their money.



Whyte and Mackay £18.50 for a litre
Teacher’s 1 litre £18.50
Black Grouse £16
William Lawson 1 litre £18.50

The Black Grouse, which is lovely, is also at this price, more or less at Waitrose and Morrisons.

Foreign Stuff.

I’m updating this as they now have Devil’s cut for £16

Single Malts.

Talisker 10 year old £27
Glenmorangie 10 year old £26
Ardmore Legacy £20
Old Pulteney 12 year old £24
Highland Park 12 year old £26.50

Again you can get the Glenmorangie in Sainbury’s for a quid less, the Ardmore is on offer at Morrisons too for the same price. My stand out here is the Talisker, the 10 year old is a brilliant dram and even though I’ve no evidence, no insider knowledge in fact zero proof of any kind I think the Talisker 10 will get dropped, Talisker are heavily promoting their very decent Storm and pretty average Skye and Dark Storm, it’s a matter of time, you heard it hear first.



Whyte and Mackay is only £15 for a litre, bargain.
Grant’s £11
Famous Grouse £12

Foreign Stuff.

Wee cheeky half bottle of Jameson for £10
Jim Beam Red Stag, which I quite like for a wee change, £15
Tullamore Dew £17

Single Malts

Isle of Jura Elixir 12 year old £28
Aberlour 10 £22 although I might hold off on this as it’s often seen at £20



Grants Signature £15
Famous Grouse 1 Litre £17
M Signature (Morrisons own brand) 5 year old Blended Malt, gotta be worth a punt at £15

Foreign Stuff

Gentleman Jack £25
Jameson £18

Single Malts

Nothing exciting that the other stores don’t have but the Jura Superstition is nice for £27

So there you have it, these are basically the bottles I would buy and see them as good value for money, I hope you do too.

The Captain.

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