Girvan 30 Year Old Single Grain Whisky 42% Twitter Tasting

It’s rare for me to drink anything over 18 years old when it’s stuck in the bottle and if I’m honest it’s a pure joy just to watch the legs in the glass, like a thick glob of oil on a wet window, adding water and the shimmer and swirls, this is history, I’m 41 so I was ten, and living in Scotland already a hardened drinker, when this was stuck in a barrel, that’s commitment to your craft.

Nose, Old oak, stewed fruit, caramel, raisins soaked in rum and a barrel of honey, I later got dry Prosecco, rolled oats, dried grass, and I’m going to say Peanut butter, yeah I said it, what you got to say about that? Aye, thought so.

Palate. Thick and buttery, mashed bananas on toast, Vanilla pods, old bottles of Sailor Jerry, mild cannabis, there’s a lot going on here.

Finish, lasts forever and gives warmth like vanilla ice cream melting over banana and custard.

I’m not one for spending a nearly a weeks wage on a bottle of whisky, everyone knows this, and I’m not one for hugely bigging up aged whisky but this is magic, it’s such a shame most of this will no doubt be bought and stuck on a shelve by collectors and investors because it really does deserve drinking.

That is all.

The Captain

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