Girvan 25 Year Old Single Grain 42% Twitter Tasting

Oh aye, now we’re talking, I enjoy Single Grain whisky, Teeling’s, Cameron Brig and North British have all been favourites of mine but this older grain really got me going, I only had half the sample during the tasting and then went back to it for this review and I’m adding some new thoughts.

Nose. There’s a deepness to this whisky, vanilla, oak, nutmeg, toffee, oatcakes and milky coffee, Vanilla and Toffee pipe tobacco.
Palate. Very thick and oily in the mouth, honey, leather, toffee, a little burn, damp wood and well fired morning rolls.
Finish. Cheese and oatcakes topped with honey and the merest hint of pepper, a lovely drop this.
All in all this is a great whisky, never mind it’s a Single Grain, it’s just good quality. Now, you all know my policy of not spending over £100 on a bottle of whisky but it’s drams like this that I wished these companies would produce 20cl bottles of everything they do.
This is one of those whiskies, available here by the way, that you should try, perhaps a few of you chipping in and sharing a bottle and getting to know a cracking old version of a Single Grain whisky.
The Captain.

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