Girvan No 4 Single Grain Whisky 42% Twitter Tasting.

So part two of the Twitter Tasting from Girvan this time No 4 non age statement, I’ll get straight into it as I know you’re busy.

Nose. Bourbon springs to mind, Young, Vanilla, Apples, mellows in the glass to give up some honey, citrus and cut grass.

Palate. Young, Spirit on the tongue but relaxes into a nice bourbon, orange peel, oak, Summer fruits, fresh young apples, baked apples with vanilla cream came later.

Finish. Short, bit of chilli heat, oak.

A decent Single Grainand well price at just over £40, certainly something I’d try in a bar but it’s one of those whiskies I wish were sold in half or even 20cl bottles as it’s worth a try as it’s something different but perhaps not a full bottle, in fact in would be cracking if the sample box you can see in the picture was sold, it would sell well as it’s a brilliant guide to how whisky evolves.

Thanks once again to the Whisky Wire and Girvan Single Grain for the sample box.

The Captain.

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