Balcones Brimstone Corn smoked whiskey

So I’m in the Drygate having a beer when I decide to get a dram, I’m surprised that a place such as Drygate, a micro brewery, has an extensive whisky list but it does and I spend a couple of minutes browsing over it before opting for something new so after a couple of drams here is my review of Balcones Brimstone

Nose, sweet, young and fiery. Wood smoke, Barbecue and cinder.
Palette. Young but without being harsh, not too much of a burn considering it’s 53% and I was drinking it neat, some honey, lots of burnt wood, char on a burger that’s been done on the barbecue, corn and herbal note.
The finish is medium in length, a little heat, some burnt sugar and more of that wonderful charring.
This is a cracking dram, a young tasting, punchy whiskey with a great mixture of smoke and sweetness and here’s a little note for you, a friend had a whiff and a sip, she’s not a big whiskey drinker but just said “reminds me of camping in America” I don’t think Balcones would mind that analogy.
The Captain.

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