Who doesn’t love a cheeky dimple?

Dimple, because of it’s odd shaped bottle is a drink most people will be familiar with if not for its content then at least its look. A fifteen year old blended Scotch from Haig with a higher than average malt content and some lovely Single Malts from Linkwood and Glenkinchie to name but two.

Nose, a whiff of aged grain, like the 12 year old Hanky Bannister, it has quality and has aged well, it’s a clean whisky, caramel and background of nuttiness and stewed apple.

Palette. Sweetness, Caramel, raisins, tiny wee hint of something smokey I think and it feels nice and rich in the mouth a nice rich malty flavour.

The Finish is quick and relaxing with an aftertaste of chocolate and caramel.

This is a light whisky and there’s nothing wrong with that, it has a nice malty feel and is pleasant to drink, it’s what I think a lot of people will call “smooth” a word I hate because let’s be honest it means bland and this isn’t bland but is sort of smooth, make sense? I don’t care.

This is a perfect drink to enjoy after a hard day at work or sit and have whilst reading a book or reading this blog, it’s not cheap and something else, I’ve seen a few people mention it doesn’t taste like a 15 year old single malt, you know why? It’s because it’s a blend and so shouldn’t be compared in the first place, drink and enjoy.

The Captain.

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