Doorly’s Rum Twitter Tasting round up.

Okay so the good people at Good Spirits Company let me join in on a Twitter Tasting which I enjoy doing as you get to bounce thoughts off other people without that awful actually having to leave the house business.

I’m a rum fan but I can’t really claim to having much experience but the three little samples offered a lot more than I thought they would, so I’ve put together a little blog covering what I found.

Doorly’s XO Rum. This is a bargain at around £26 a bottle.

Okay on the nose and it has some lovely sherry notes but seeing as it’s finished in Oloroso sherry casks that’s not a surprise, a lovely sweet raisin note, spiced vanilla rum, like a better quality Sailor Jerry’s.

Taste and I get sweetness, the mix of sherry and rum are superb, light taste of cinnamon and I thought a little smoke, this very much does have that wonderful rich creamy mouthful you get from a quality spirit of any kind.

A quick finish but I’ll be honest when I say I’m not as experienced in rum as some people.

Doorly’s 12 Year Old, This is where things really take off, it’s priced around £35 a bottle.

On the Nose I got baked apples, spiced fruit, molasses, sherry, aged Balsamic, pipe tobacco.

Taste I got rich treacle tart, a touch of salt, chocolate, honey and hazelnuts.

Finish was smooth and sweet, a lovely sipping rum, this tasted like a nice mid aged sherry whisky and was lovely.

Doorly’s Port Cask, This was the one I was really waiting for as I’m a huge fan of port and all things port cask.

Nose, LBV Port, more molasses, sticky dates, cured ham, sugar and spice coated peanuts and a whiff of buttery toast.

Taste and it just all falls into place, more molasses, more of that Late Bottled Vintage Port, honey and reminded me very much of the original Dalmore Cigar Malt, and would go very well with a pipe

Another rich finish albeit, like of them, short and sweet.

So there we have it, a lovely hour or so sampling some very nice rums. Thanks very much to the fine folk at Good Spirits for letting me get involved.

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