Big Peat

Oh aye, I’ve been wanting to review this for a while now and now I have a full bottle, well two thirds now, and after spending a few evenings researching it thoroughly just for you I am now able to let you know my opinions of this belter.

Big Peat is part of a four pronged attack by Douglas Laing which includes Scallywag, Rock Oyster, Timorous Beastie and Big Peat. All are non chill filtered, 46% Vatted or pure blends meaning they are made up from different distilleries but contain no grain whisky.

Big Peat contains whisky from Islay distilleries of Bowmore, Ardbeg, Port Ellen and Caol ila, so there you go.

On the nose I get peat, it takes a while for this to settle but stay with me, brine, a little TCP, like hospitals used to smell, a little dried apricot and a new nosing note and that’s strawberry bon bons which have been set on fire and it lovely, it tastes young to me, there are light floral notes too but it takes a good wee while for them to come out, I’m no expert on Port Ellen but I’d say that’s where the floral notes are coming from.

Taste wise and the peat and brine hit you again, a little apricot jam and rose water, TCP again but a lovely sweetness which will be coming from the Bowmore, a nice heat, it’s full of flavour and I know many of you might not be able to get past the peat and power but give it some time and it really comes out.

The finish is more peat and brine, heat and smoke, it’s not for the faint hearted but come on, give it a try.

I don’t give scores on my reviews but one thing I do sometimes do is mention if I’ll buy this again and the answer is yes I’ll be buying this again.

The Captain.

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