Benromach Twitter Tasting 10 and 15 year old Single Malt Scotland Whisky

The Benromach Twitter tasting held on the 6th July has concluded and here are my notes on both the Ten Year Old Single Malt and the Fifteen.

I first get a spirit note along with wood and smokey tea. After having the dram poured for a while I started to get sherried fruit and a little truffle with burnt sugar.

Tasting and more smoke, a little bitterness more sherry and raw Christmas cake.

The finish lasted well with more smoke, black tea, a nice warmth and more of the burnt sugar.

Benromach 15 Year Old Single Malt.

On the nose I got a good whiff of sherry, some rum and orange rind and my special nosing note of the evening was plum duff.

Taste wise rich dark chocolate, rum and Aged Maple syrup the dark stuff you cook with rather put on pancakes with a warm feeling of honey on buttered toast.

Finish was smoother than the 10 chocolate and a touch of smoke, more plums and rum.

Both were excellent drams and I’m a big fan of what Benromach are trying to do with their whisky, it’s an honest whisky with little in the way of heavy marketing, you very much get what it says on the tin so to speak, it’s also a throw back whisky, it tastes like whisky tasted thirty years ago, which is a good thing, I assume this is as much from the quality of the wood used in their barrels as from the actual making of the spirit so well played there, both of these whiskies are well priced among their peers.

The Captain.

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