Black Bottle Old Style

Yes I know I’ve said before that I am not looking at whiskies not readily available but I have a few blends on the go just now which are worth talking about and are available if you know where to look.

Black Bottle is a traditional blend from Grahams and recently they changed the make up of this old favourite and removed the Peat based whisky and frankly ruined it but if you look at auction or some of the online retailers you’ll find the old version for not much more than the current version.

On the nose and there is sweetness along with the smoke, salt and the peat smoke hits but perhaps in a more gentle way, like a fist wrapped in silk. 

Taste wise, smoke from the peat but then honey and lemon and oak lingers.
The finish and I always think of a smokey hot toddy, honey, lemon and smoke.
This is a whisky I go back to all the time, I’ve been lucky that I’ve found the odd bottle here and there is something more happening here and Black Bottle isn’t the only blend to have suffered.
Blends will always be the most popular form of whisky but that doesn’t mean that giants who own our favourite blends put the best whisky in them. White Horse, Teacher’s and Black Bottle are three blends which have lost their peat core (Teacher’s have added more Peat and I will grab a bottle and get back to you on this) and that is nothing compared to the destruction Johnnie Walker have wrought on Red Label. 
As good whisky gets rarer and whilst whisky remains hugely popular this will only get worse meaning those who drink sub twenty pound bottles of whisky will feel more and more short changed and that just doesn’t seem right.
The Captain.

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