Glen Marnoch 12 Year Old Single Malt Whisky

Okay so after I’ve given you some Bourbon, Blended and Blended Malt let’s move onto the Single Malt’s this time with the 12 year old Highland Single Malt from Aldi.

The Glen Marnoch 12 is from the same stable as the Islay Single Malt reviewed here and I was a big fan of the Islay and as it brings with it a 12 year age statement I was expecting big things and I’m pleased to report that it holds up well.
On the nose. What you’d expect from a 12 year old Highland which is sitting at 40%, a touch of heather here a little oak, some baked apple and sultana. After the bottle was a third of the way down, I hope you appreciate how much I do for you lot, I get pear and nectarine and some All Spice in the background, lovely stuff.
From the second the whisky touches my lips I taste sweet fruits, vanilla and oak, I get some marzipan and those pears make another appearance all very welcome, there is a nice warm to the whisky too not heat but a gentle spice, cinnamon, honey and rich creamy mouthful.
The Twelve has a surprisingly rich and long lasting finish, honey and oak with that gentle spice note lasting forever and after the bottle has aired a while the finish is top drawer.
This is another excellent example of what Supermarket whisky can be, yes I’d lose the colour and yes I’d bring it up to 43% maybe even 46% but I also understand they need to make a balanced drink and for under £20 I really don’t think people can complain too much.
With the endless argument over NAS whisky rumbling on it’s great to see a Supermarket giving us a good quality age statement whisky which has been matured well in decent wood something which is becoming rarer even from some of the big Single Malt producers.
So there you have it folks my Aldi adventure has drawn to a close, I’ve not done the full range as I still have the older age statement stuff to buy, which I’ll do over the course of the year when brought out, as well as a Bourbon Cask Finish I’ve just noticed online which looks pretty interesting.
A couple of things though, I do wish Aldi would drop all the smoke and mirrors, everyone knows Glen Marnoch isn’t real and I don’t think anyone is going to mind seeing Aldi branded whisky on their shelves at home, they should be prouder of their product but it is miles ahead of the other supermarkets, only Waitrose is close when offering range and quality.
The Captain.

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